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Top #10+ Diwali Greeting cards Images Download in HD

Top #10+ Diwali Greeting cards Images Download in HD : a very shubh Diwali to all of you guys, today is Diwali and you all would be in hurry to find that perfect greeting card for your friends and relatives to wish them a very Happy Diwali images with lots and lots of love and affection for them. That is why we have added the latest collection of best Diwali Greeting cards images for Facebook & Whatsapp. The story of Diwali turns back to centuries before BC. This epic is the most popular in Indian literature and Indian culture where a Demon called Ravana kidnapped lord Sri ram’s wife Sita who was the the king of Ayodhya and eldest son of dashrath. He kidnapped Sita Devi from a jungle where both husband and wife were announced a 14 year vanvas ( typically, a punnishment ) by their father Dashrath. Ravan kept Sita for years in his kingdom and then he lord Sri Ram came to know that Ravana had his wife Sita and immediately he led to Lanka to escort her back with his army of animals led by Hanuman, his devotee. Then the War continued till 14 years and then  finally after killing ravana and destroying all his Lanka, all of them happily came back to Ayodhya after 14 Years. So this was the story of rise of truth and god above evil. And also the story behind Diwali. So after knowing the story after Diwali, we can come back to the Awesome Diwali greeting cards images & Gif images of Diwali where we will talk about and describe our big collection of animated diwali greeting cards images to download for free in HD for your mobile phones and Desktop.


Happy Diwali images of greeting cards

Happy Diwali images of greeting cards

best Diwali greeting cards images in HD

best Diwali greeting cards images in HD

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Amazing Diwali greeting card images free download


beautiful Diwali greeting cards images 2017

beautiful Diwali greeting cards images 2017



Sun shine whole day for 12 hours,

A Diya burns for an hour,

A matchstick glows for a 60 seconds

but my love and care for you will not blow away

even after a 100 more Diwali’s in your life.


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heartwarming Deepavali greeting cards images

heartwarming Deepavali greeting cards images


I wish on this Diwali, lord Ganesha and goddess Laxmi enter your home together

and shower immense happiness

and love along with tons of sacks of money in your house that they never go scarce.

So do the Diwali pooja with fullest of your heart

and happiness comes along when you end it… Happy Diwali


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unique images of Diwali greeting cards

unique images of Diwali greeting cards


Diwali is not only about burning crackers and shooting fireworks to the sky,

it is also about decorating the aroma for the human makers,

our gods to be felt happy and loved on this auspicious occasion of Diwali…

So decorate the Thali with lots of flowers, diyas and their statues to make forced to attract to your home and fill it with eternal happiness… Have a blessed Diwali.


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animated diwali greeting cards images

animated diwali greeting cards images


May a tons of lamps light up your life in such a way that your life fills with forever light of success, prosperity and eternal joy with care of everybody…

Have a blasting Diwali 2017.


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firecrackers diwali images of greeting cards

firecrackers diwali images of greeting cards


You are my est friend i have ever got in my life and you know that these best relations doesn’t need to spend so much money or time for showing it but a sweet small message of Happy Diwali is enough to show the love and care… Happy Diwali to the sweetest person in my life !!



A billion candles and Diyas are glowing on streets and houses and tonight I declare that the the light has got victory over darkness forever and by sending you this greeting, i also want to tell you that Diwali has come and the truth has got victory over evil as my blessings got victory over your misfortune… Have a great Diwali this Year my friend !


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creative Diwali greeting cards gif images dowload

creative Diwali greeting cards gif images dowload


Hey people, have you prepared the Diwali dishes for me, bought the firecracker ? and have you decorated the whole home ? If no then please do it now as I am coming this Diwali to celebrate with my whole family… Happy Diwali in advance.

The season of lights has come and i am very excited to tell you that this diwali, all of your hopes and happiness are renewing as the lights and candles will fill your life with never ending endless inspiration, motivation and new hopes everyday !!


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Diwali glowing diyas gif images of cards

Diwali glowing diyas gif images of cards


Today on Diwali when whole world has lighten up with glowing diyas

and lights but still you have to find that light and illuminate your soul and heart with it and trust me once you do it,

you’ll end up with great never ending inspiration for life.


download HD greeting card images for Diwali

download HD greeting card images for Diwali


When you greet someone on Diwali, don’t day happy diwali..Just say Happy victory as today the angels and god rise above evils and demons like the light eliminates the darkness in world. So I wish this Diwali will be a day of cahnge in your life. Good luck and stay blessed… Happy Diwali to you and your family and also a happy New Year.


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Final Words : This was our latest collection of handpicked Best Diwali greeting cards images 2017 for you and your family which you can download for free from here on on our site. just hove on any image and click save as on these photos and download them in HD to use them on social media networks like Facebook and whatsapp and Instagram and you can send them to your nearby as well as far away friends to make them feel like home this Diwali and spread happiness everywhere by greeting your family members with these Diwali card images pictures for free. And if you loved this collection then give us a tip in free by sharing this cool collection of interesting Diwali greeting card images on your social media profiles like Facebook and linkedin. So what are you waiting for, there’s more on our site… Just explore and fill your life with happiness by sharing them on groups and getting blessed.

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